Painting ASAP PCB is one of the leading painting, waterproofing & roof coating service provider in the nation. We pride ourselves as one of the most passionate and most knowledgeable in the industry.

We’ve been doing this for more than 3 decades. We are a family of painters, waterproofers, roof coaters, and related services. We have dedicated our family into crafting the best techniques, processes, and ideas when it comes to these services. We ensure that in each generation of our family, we have at least one who will be absorbing the skills, expertise, experience, and knowledge that we’ve accumulated over the years. Mind you, however, that we do not force our children to partake in this. We just expose them to this early in their lives so that they can decide early on whether they want it or not. Thankfully, most of our children are really into this. We think it runs in our genes to be obsessed into gorgeous looking roofs and houses. We can’t sit still unless we see a house in a good condition.

As technology improves and the demands and trends changes, so is our services. We utilize the latest technologies to ensure that we are up to date when it comes with the current trends in terms of design and techniques as well as tools and methodologies. We peruse forums, websites, YouTube, blogs, etc. to gather more information and to learn new things. We attend in seminars, workshops and any events related to our craft on a yearly basis. We often have a meeting to discuss what needs improvements and changes on a monthly basis. This is our craft, our passion and our life – no – our entire lineage’s work.

We also continuously improve our tools, ideas, processes, etc. and we try to utilize the latest technologies while incorporating the latest trends in design and aesthetics in our work.

We use drone technology to assess a house’s roofing. We use state of the art software to create plans. We use the latest cameras to take photos of your roof, house, wall, etc. to help us analyze it and to ensure that we can finish it as fast as possible.

We’re very passionate about what we do and we ensure that our work produces only the best results, so you can rest assured that you are in good hands with Painting ASAP PCB! Get started today!